We are the first integrated EAP Service Provider of the CEE region. Our mission is to make Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) widely available and adapted to employees of the CEE region and also to provide a wide range of regionally tested health development solutions. 

Az EAP megtérülése  A munkahelyi hiányzások 50%-ának hátterében munkahelyi vagy magánéleti stressz áll. A stressz kevésbé szembetűnő hatása a munkahelyi teljesítménycsökkenés, mely a hiányzások okozta költségek háromszorosa is lehet.
Fejlesztő programjaink  Az EAP SSC szolgáltatási portfóliójában szervezetre szabott prevenciós programok, fejlesztő tréningek és pszichoedukációs előadások is megtalálhatóak. Fontosnak érezzük a szervezet tanulási kapacitásának kiaknázását, és az öngondoskodás fejlesztésének biztosítását.

EAP is a complex mental health development program (Employee Assistance Program - EAP), which helps employees to face work and private life problems.
The core of the service is a toll-free number, which can be called anytime by Client employees if they need help on any of the following areas:

Financial counselling
    Legal counselling
Psychological counselling
Service features
  • Free for all employees
  • Prompt reaction to problems
  • 24/7 service for 365 days
  • Anonymous and independent from the employer
  • Well-trained professionals answer the phone
  • Introducing the service is fast
The EAP service is a valuable reward to employees, which saves not only money but time and energy as well.
Toll-free number can be called by the employee and his family members above 18.

Introducing the program


Need analysis and complex communication strategy for the organization: we inform each employee personally about the Program. Management is provided by a separate occasion. We also personalize and provide printed materials (leaflets, posters, electronic materials, etc.).


We provide a wallet card for each employee with information about the toll-free number and company code, which gives authorization for the service.


New employees can also join the Program and get all materials and briefing presentations as requested. Current employees also get ongoing information and educational material.


We prepare monthly / quarterly / annual reports about the number of calls and typical problems.
All of these statistics are anonymous too.

EAP – Return on Investment

It is crucial of importance that employees can provide constantly high level of performance. Physically and mentally healthy employees are of significant importance regarding profitability, which can also be considered as an investment.
Individual problems of employees effect work performance not only through (absenteeism). Work time spent at the workplace (presenteeism) ill or with personal problems results in an increased performance drop. Its cost for companies is mostly invisible, but according to estimates it can be up to three times of costs resulting from absenteeism.


  • sick leave
  • administrative costs
  • working overtime due to increased workload
  • educating and training replacing workforce
  • reduced commitment resulting from stress
  • long term costs of fluctuation (recruitment and selection)

Decreasing performance

  • reduced amount of work
  • reduced quality and extra work due to mistakes
  • cost of workplace accidents and resulting absenteeism
  • mistaken strategic and management decisions
  • team conflicts, reduced commitment
  • long term costs of fluctuation (recruitment and selection)

EAP programs decrease stress-driven absenteeism and also performance due to lack of focus. Balanced working environment increases employee satisfaction: fluctuation and connecting costs are reduced.More focused workforce are more efficient, which increases performance. Regular reports help employers to work out interventions for frequent/typical problems (e.g. trainings).

Our development programs

Individual counselling

Scheduled online psychological counselling or leadership coaching via Skype or other online channels.
Personal psychological counselling or leadership coaching using our widely spread regional network.

Psycho-educational presentations

Presentations with a focus on prevention and self-development, workshops for even 50-100 participants.
Potential focus areas: stress management, healthy lifestyle, work-life balance, time management. All programs fine-tuned for the organizational needs.

Skill development trainings

Developing basic life skills:
  • Motivation
  • Self-awareness, self-knowledge
  • Conflict management
  • Assertive communication
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Leadership skills


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